just before leaving japan i got a haircut at toni&guy in nagoya. but this is not about my haircut, but about the mesmerizing set of nails on the girl who washed my hair: each ultra-limited shiny surface was decorated differently from the next, featuring diamante, sequins, etc, on a black varnish background. i was not amazed: it was my second trip there so i was already accustomed to the complex 3d geography sported by girls on their fingernails. i was just wandering how comes she spends her days with her hands in water and her manicure still looks intact. with a lot of gesticulating  and the 15 words of our common vocabulary, i managed to find out that decorating her fingernails in such manner cost her 6,000 yen (approximately 50 euro) once every 3 weeks.

when i reached my hotel room, the internet told me that: her nails were not minxed but actually sets of fake nails, each decorated differently but with a common theme. if you really have to have a customized set to better express your mood, the above mentioned amount doubles. i also found out that, annually, tokyo hosts nail expo and the event attracts 50,000 visitors. the related industry includes, besides salons and product lines, publications, websites and online tutorials.

what theme would you chose for your nails?

insane super mario 3-themed nails...