el bulli is the 3 michelin star brainchild of the molecular gastronomy creator, the catalan ferran adria. the restaurant will close permanently after july 2011 and the chef will concentrate on research. each year, it is only open for a limited period. for 2010, it is 15.06-20.12. the bookings for the following season are processed during a single day, after the end of the current season. during one season, approximately 8,000 people can eat there but the requests exceed 2 million. the happy few will have the tasting menu, worth 250 euros, including the freshest produce on that specific day. apparently, the restaurant has never brought in profit. the profit comes from the book sales and the lectures kept by the super-star chef around the globe.

here you have the synthesis of the el bulli cuisineĀ and, the freeze-dried cherry on top, the catalogue of the dishes served throughout the years. this is genius! poetry!

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