geneva is an australian girl currently living in hong kong. not only is she tall and beautiful, she’s also the inspiring diy mind behind a pair and a spare.

if you are one of the many people out there unhappy with the ridiculous prices one has to pay in order to buy new clothes, you must read her blog. she’s following trends and giving easy-to-follow diy instructions on how to get things done. this is what you need to get started.

I’ll list a couple of my favourite posts, hoping that it’ll get you interested in this help-yourself skill:

white necklace (i’ve already bought the spray can, now i need to find the necklace with the right shape)

twig bracelets (i think i’m gonna try these too)

beaded heels (an instant boost to any old pair of shoes)

rug top (now this is turning around a totally ordinary fabric)

– the jil sander” maxi skirt (it looks pretty much the same, apart from the price tag…)

she has some advice for a wardrobe make over:

– step 1: culling

– step 2: define your style

– step 3: wardrobe essentials

– step 4: organizing your wardrobe

– step 5: colours

– step 6: focus your shopping

– step 7: results

but also for thrifting (part one and part two) and for packing for your holidays.

i admit, she’s so cute even a brown paper bag would look good on her, but i find many of her projects interesting. and i think it’ll get me started to search or invent more ways of making my own stuff. i hope you’ll do the same!