it started many years ago with a dark blue pair of gladiators, the kind only kids wear, especially to the beach. then came another identical pair, only bright pink. i love bright colours and i believe they can be best rendered in plastic, not clothes.

at some point, i came across melissa, the brazilian  plastic shoemaker that found a niche in collaborations with famous designers and architects. i fell for their red dutch clogs: the perfect cartoonish addition to my almost exclusive black outfits.

i know that everybody hates crocs but i found their alice works to be amazingly cute and comfortable. and then i got the forever 21 marni rip-off: the perfect shade of shocking pink and dirt cheap. the latest purchase was the united nude mono jane, a comfortable pink wedge. i’m sure the list will go on..and on…

until then, here’s a gallery of other drool-worthy examples.

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