acrylic is a little store in minato, tokyo, that sells interesting pieces of jewellery.

billboard building 1we ran across it on our way to the kaws’ show in a nearby gallery owned by takashi murakami. the store has a striking look and is situated on a little crossroads. klein gytham architecture¬†made the best of this tiny 11 m x 2.5 m plot. due to its small size, the store attracted the nickname of billboard building and is considered to be a good example of pet architecture.

billboard building 2 billboard building 6billboard building 3 billboard building 4

the store facade has a bamboo motif that is best admired at night, when it is lit from within.

billboard building 5

we entered and were welcome by the owner, masako ban. she gave us all the details about the pieces i was more interested in and was very accommodating. to find out more about her, read this interesting interview.

the name comes from the material most used for masako ban’s own line of jewelry and accessories.

masako ban 4masako ban 14 masako ban 1 masako ban 2 masako ban 3 masako ban 6 acrylic masako ban 7 acrylic masako ban 8 acrylic masako ban 9 acrylic masako ban 10 acrylic masako ban 11 acrylic masako ban 12 acrylic masako ban 13

she uses acrylic even for scarves and bags.

bags masako ban 1 bags masako ban 2 bags masako ban 3 bags masako ban 4 bags masako ban 5 bags masako ban 6 bags masako ban 7

the store sells pieces by other artists as well, but unfortunately i didn’t take any pictures. i remember i liked some 3d printed pieces and i am now sorry i haven’t bought this necklace. it’s called d(ancing) b(alls) and it’s by danish artist jet mous.jet mous

the store is often present at various events. to follow its schedule, click here!

do not miss visiting acrylic if you are interested in modern jewelry. you will be pleasantly surprised!

photo credits: acrylic, pingmag, klein gytham architecture