i found acta mimic on designboom.

the cute little 3-star hotel has 92 rooms and is located on arc del teatre, just off las ramblas, in ciutat vella. the fact that the city center was within walking distance was an important factor, but i liked its clean design just as much.

due to a small technical shortcoming the hotel staff was unable to fix, we were compensated for our trouble with free breakfast for the duration of the stay. and it turned out great, since the breakfast selection proved to be varied and delicious, aiming to please all tastes and expectations. the restaurant had indoor and outdoor sitting – the patio came in handy when it came to having the complementary copa de cava (a glass of spain’s answer to the french champagne).

the public areas were spacious and welcoming. there was a tv, a computer with internet access, lockers and many couches. a nice touch was the selection of books available for reading.

we had the regular double room – 160cm bed (they also have double economy – 120 cm bed).

the smaller double, with shower

our version: slightly larger, with bathtub

you probably heard of this new trend: hotels are trying to make the best of the available space so they skimp on space and try to compensate with cool design and features. our room was immaculate and rather on the small side. the bathtub was part of the room, but privacy could be attained by drawing a curtain. the bed was comfortable. what i found to be particularly odd was the fact that the room had no windows that we could open.

we had that chromotherapy feature that’s all the rage now: you can tune the colour and intensity of the light in the room. we played with the remote for a bit in the beginning and never used it again.

the service was perfect. for instance, one evening, we expressed our intention of having the bottle of wine we bought at the marques de riscal bodega on our way to barcelona. the bar quickly provided everything necessary: an ice bucket, glasses, the works, so we could have the wine in our room. one of those little gestures that are sure to impress a guest!

in conclusion, i recommend the hotel if a well-located, good value for money hotel with modern design is what you’re looking for.

photi credits: acta mimic, designboom.com

video credits: youtube