a little bit of gossip today, with a hint of contemporary fable.

Liberty Ross, an actress, sometimes-model and wife of "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders, presents a creation from the Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2013 collection during New York Fashion Week

you must have heard the recent news that alexander wang will replace nicolas ghesquiere as creative director of the house of balenciaga.

perhaps you also remember the huge recent scandal surrounding kristen stewart‘s stepping out on boyfriend and twilight co-star robert patison with snow white director rupert sanders. she apologized publicly, and so did he, and both couples seem to have gotten over this big bump.

but there are, of course, consequences…

when the film studio decided to make a snow white sequel, rupert sanders was assigned to direct it but kristen was given the boot, her role will be played by somebody else. funny, since she’s in her early twenties and in a bofriend/girlfriend situation while he’s 41 and married with 2 children. what kind of message does this decision send? that it’s more acceptable for men to cheat?

i’m sure that kristen can get over this one, since she’s been a top hollywood earner for a couple of years but it sucks seeing that the double gender standard still stands, whether you are a millionaire actress and big shot director or not.

in current news, apparently balenciaga is considering dropping kirsten (although they have kept her on their pay roll in spite of the scandal) as their face only to replace her with liberty ross, rupert sanders’ scorned wife and alexander wang’s favourite model of late (her first public appearance after hiding out for seven weeks after the scandal was walking the runaway for his latest collection).

to add insult to the injury, kristen and rupert had their affair on the set of snow white, in which liberty had a supporting role as kristen’s on-screen mother.

liberty ross alexander wang1

hollywood does work in mysterious and gender unequal ways while the fashion world relies on politics. but, beyond the apparent facts, i do believe that one of the main factors was the fact that the public expects her to be punished for her transgression.

do you think that kristen deserves this karma or not?

photo credits: google search