i know you have been searching for the perfect city break for this autumn! i have the answer for you: graz! it has everything: old and modern, gastronomy, museums, organic markets and wonderful scenary. also, it is unesco city of design for 2011.

and the highlight of your trip will be ai wei wei‘s upcoming show in the amazing kunsthaus graz (17.09-15.01). the exhibition was initially organised by the fotomuseum winterthur in zurich and it will also be shown in jeu de paume in paris (21.02-29.04).

and, if you care to wait until late november, more specifically the 26th, the joanneum quarter will open. more info here for those who care about culture and the arts.

as usual, trying to get people to visit my favourite places makes me miss them even more. now, how do i get to graz?