as the collective vatra collective effort had came to an end, romanian low brow artists aitch and saddo decided to open a pop up store called pink poop.

pink poop pop up store

after receiving potential buyers at home for a while, the artists decided to accept the invitation of a fan to open a temporary store in a couple of available rooms. and they called it pink poop because it sounds funny. 🙂

pink poop1pink poop  pink poop2

i went there for the opening and liked what i saw. the brainchildren of the super cool aitch, saddoloreta isac, kitra and alexandra maftei aka roinita.

aitch bucurfat and beautiful cat aitch aitch1 aitch2 aitch4 bunny cat stools aitch bunny stools aitch

the first room is girl-friendly. there are clothes, accessories and pink poop cookies (no, not kidding!) . the second one is where the art is: many super colourful drawings and paintings. it’s pretty difficult to decide: the space feels more like a gallery and less like a store.

pink poop cookiesaitch saddo saddo1 saddo2 saddo3 saddo

the prices range is 12-400 euro and trust me: whatever you choose will prove to be a good investment. these guys are amazing!

kitra bucur toy1 kitra bucur toy loreta isac1 loreta isac2 loreta isac3 Print poor rich fox roinita alexandra maftei roinita hoodie screenprint saddoscreenprint aitch

the store can be visited upon reservation (please call 0734907109)

photo credits: pink poop – the 5 aforementioned artists