alternative christmas tree by allkimik is the second “tree” for 2014!

alternative christmas tree by allkimik

the alternative christmas tree project hopes to convince everybody that cutting a healthy tree only to throw it after two weeks is neither kind or cool. please make your own trees! have fun recycling, upcycling, improvising. there are no limits to what you can do. if you have kids, even better! they will cherish the memory of making a “tree” with their family, each year different and better. we will show you how easy it is to make a “tree” and i can’t wait to see what you come up with. enjoy your holidays!

alternative christmas tree by allkimik 1alternative christmas tree by allkimik 3alternative christmas tree by allkimik 2alternative christmas tree by allkimik 4

allkimik is a special photo shop run by stefan and alex. i think it’s one of the cool spots of independent bucharest and that’s why i featured it in my film. they only do a certain kind of photography called ambrotype. i have one of my own and i think you will agree it looks very cool.

watch this video to get a better idea of their work. stefan has been a friend ever since for ever. a former lawyer, he has given up law to become a photographer.

alternative christmas tree by allkimik 7 alternative christmas tree by allkimik 5 alternative christmas tree by allkimik 6

their “tree” is mainly based on their shared hobby: archery. this is how stefan introduces the concept:

“a little fir tree which marks the birth of consumerism associated with ancient celebrations of the winter solstice. we didn’t want to burden our conscience with the life of a real tree so we upcyled some leftovers we found around our shop: paper, broken arrows and empty film rolls. alex also hanged some micro-ambrotypes for whoever has been good this year. in all honesty, the tree is completely his work. ”

alternative christmas tree by allkimik 9alternative christmas tree by allkimik 8alternative christmas tree by allkimik 10

i believe this is another example of an easy project. not everybody has arrows lying around but i’m sure you can find some good replacements, right?

thank you very much for sharing, stefan and alex!

photo credits: stefan dinu and alex spineanu aka allkimik