alternative christmas tree by doru dumitrescu is the third “tree” in our project.

alternative christmas tree by doru dumitrescu alternative christmas tree by doru dumitrescu

the alternative christmas tree project hopes to convince everybody that cutting a healthy tree only to throw it after two weeks is neither kind or cool. please make your own trees! have fun recycling, upcycling, improvising. there are no limits to what you can do. if you have kids, even better! they will cherish the memory of making a “tree” with their family, each year different and better. we will show you how easy it is to make a “tree” and i can’t wait to see what you come up with. enjoy your holidays!

doru dumitrescu is an architect turned artist. he creates incredible jewelry of various essences of wood. he is an experimentalist, always on the lookout for a new material or technique. discover his workshop in this video. click here for his awe inspiring wearable sculptures, here for his wooden stones and here for his swings.

this is not the first time he fought against tree cutting for decorative purposes. last year, he had a project with carturesti (probably the biggest independent book store in the country) in his home town of timisoara. he collected dozens of the christmas trees people threw out and hanged them over a pedestrian street, to show everybody the pointless waste we leave behind.

his “tree” is part of a scenario he imagined:

“today, i went with my 5 year old boy to visit, as we do every year, the fir tree we had planted in the forest when he was born. unfortunately, everything that we found were some green needles and messed up branches left behind the cutting. we summoned the criminalists at once to ascertain the crime, hoping that they would find the criminal. perhaps the tree will end up in your house for christmas. tell it that we loved it and that it will always be in our heart and soul.”

alternative christmas tree by doru dumitrescu 1

thank you very much, doru!

photo credits: doru dumitrescu