this alternative christmas tree by eroilor mafia is the second one in the project i’m running on the blog until christmas day. i’m very excited to show you the 7+1 alternative christmas trees! we are trying to show you that we can celebrate with little to no costs, only with some patience and a bit of imagination. are you in?

nicolae anghel aka nicky is the guy behind eroilor mafia. it is the only romanian organization of its kind owned and run by skaters. it includes 7 of bucharest’s best riders. nicky is a skater himself but also a budding photographer/videographer and manager.

the axis of the “tree” is eroilor mafia skater mario georgescu.alternative christmas tree by eroilor mafia

eroilor mafia sells branded tee shirts and reliable skate hardware at friendly prices. the revenue helps cover the costs for the riders’ travels and competitions. their goal is to promote the sport in romania. also, to support the guys so they can focus on their performance and not on the financial aspect. you know, by skaters, for skaters!

another version of the pic also shows another eroilor mafia rider, gabriel dorissa. he looks like he’s the gift under the tree. am i right?

alternative christmas tree by eroilor mafia 1

hey, i know it looks like you need a couple of skilled riders to do this. but perhaps you can ask some of your friends to help. what do you say?

photo credits: nicolae anghel, eroilor mafia