this alternative christmas tree by iepurele mizantrop is the fourth one in the project i’m running on the blog until christmas day. we are trying to show you that we can celebrate with little to no costs, only with some patience and a bit of imagination. are you in?

this is not the first time i feature the misanthropic bunny on the blog. the cartoon character is the brain child of a bucharest-based couple. its main job is to call attention to the absurdity of the world we live in and to deal with it in the only possible sane way: by making fun. to do that in an efficient manner, one needs to have rather complete knowledge regarding the more or less recent developments. to be able to enjoy their interventions, the readers need similar knowledge.

the bunny has wishes for us all! it wishes that we will do, say, think, know and read more in the coming year. you have to admit that it’s a much better wish than the general buy!, buy!, buy! attitude.

alternative christmas tree by iepurele mizantrop

there’s a video as well! the soundtrack is the rocking verion of we wish you a merry christmas by jeff scott and others. watch it to get the full effect!

an animated tree is rather difficult to make by ourselves. i’d leave it to the professionals. but i could definitely draw a tree!

photo credits: madalina raileanu, adrian raileanu, iepurele mizantrop