alternative christmas tree by kittenhood is this year’s first!

the alternative christmas tree project hopes to convince everybody that cutting a healthy tree only to throw it after two weeks is neither kind or cool. please make your own trees! have fun recycling, upcycling, improvising. there are no limits to what you can do. if you have kids, even better! they will cherish the memory of making a “tree” with their family, each year different and better. we will show you how easy it is to make a “tree” and i can’t wait to see what you come up with. enjoy your holidays!

alternative christmas tree by kittenhood

kittenhood is a personal blog covering¬†diy, style and travel. oh, and cats, obviously! it’s run by daria patrunjel, a cluj-based free lance social media professional by day and diy fairy by night.

alternative christmas tree by kittenhood 1alternative christmas tree by kittenhood 2

i discovered her blog and browsed it a little before hitting the “follow” button. the next day, i find her comment on one of my posts. a match made in online heaven, right? we started talking and i even proposed a mutual guest post a while ago. only i proved to be flaky and the only one to blame that it never happened. i hope it will though since i already bought the materials. it’s only that i’m so much slower that daria at diy…

alternative christmas tree by kittenhood 3 alternative christmas tree by kittenhood 4

anyway! daria agreed to show us her “tree”. it’s inspired by the structure of the native indian teepee. she found the branches in her garden. the dinosaurs she used as decorations were bought last year for the exact same reason.

alternative christmas tree by kittenhood 5alternative christmas tree by kittenhood 6

i believe everybody agrees that daria’s tree is easy to replicate, especially if you can convince your kids to lend you the decorations for two weeks. also, the branches can be easily stored for reuse.

alternative christmas tree by kittenhood 7

thank you very much, daria!

photo credits: daria patrunjel aka kittenhood