this alternative christmas tree by loot is the third one in the project i’m running on the blog until christmas day. we are trying to show you that we can celebrate with little to no costs, only with some patience and a bit of imagination. are you in?

alternative christmas tree by loot

i interviewed loot when they were just launching their design studio. here we are, more than one year later. and here is their concept, in photos, gifs and words.

this season don’t expect puffy presents. santa will bring you nothing but platonic forms, with hard edges and tough insides.
all laid out for your pleasure under a beautifully ornate christmas tree. its mirrors reflect a segmented perception. they spin around in a dizzying frenzy, showing glimpses of our own reality.

alternative christmas tree by loot 2alternative christmas tree by loot 1alternative christmas tree by loot gif 1

don’t be fooled! if you stare long enough, the shards will show your face. but not your real one. just one of the faces, a piece of a different reality starring right back at you.

it comes and it goes, it’s light. but you can still see the afterglow, stuck in a corner of your mind, blinking every once and again.

alternative christmas tree by loot 3 alternative christmas tree by loot 4alternative christmas tree by loot gif 2

i agree this is not as easy to make as the previous projects. but it can be re-used year after year and that’s a big plus, right?

photo credits: ana-maria grigoriu, stelian dobrescu, loot