this alternative christmas tree by zwei is the first one in the project i’m running on the blog until christmas day. i’m very excited to show you the 7+1 alternative christmas trees! we are trying to show you that we can celebrate with little to no costs, only with some patience and a bit of imagination. are you in?

zwei is ileana sebe’s creative outlet. to put it simply, she does incredibly inventive edible things and more. i will not give you all the details because we are currently working on an interview. so you will find out everything soon enough!

alternative christmas tree by zwei

the zwei tree is made of baked dough letters. the project was inspired by romania’s most important modern poet, nichita stanescu.

the letters make one of his poems and, alternatively, the christmas tree. i love the apparent simplicity and the fact that we could replicate it!

here you have the translation. i tried to convey a little bit of the poetry beside the simple meaning.


a bird comes and sews,
in silken threads,
the atlas of the clouds,
to long, slippery countries…
a girl comes and undoes it,
everything the bird had done,
and with her shiny eye lashes,
she snows beautiful snow flowers, 
and transforms them into rays,
silvering paths and houses…

alternative christmas tree by zwei 1

how do you like ileana’s tree? do you think you could do something similar?

alternative christmas tree by zwei 2

photo credits: ileana sebe, zwei