alternative christmas tree project is one more step that i take in order to try saving a few fir trees. i believe we don’t need to cut off and then discard a living tree in order to enjoy the winter holidays. right?

alternative christmas tree project 1

we can use our imagination and come up with ways of replicating that cheerful holiday spirit in less invasive ways. i have given up buying christmas trees a long time ago and i’m trying to convince my readers to do the same. i don’t see why not give up┬álive trees when the options are so varied.

after showing you the solutions i found online (see here and here) and showing you my own attempt, i decided it was time for more impact. so i invited local talent to make their own alternative christmas trees and inspire the rest of us to do the same.

alternative christmas tree project

the week before christmas, i will post a different alternative tree every day. and on the 25th, i will post my own!

i involved very interesting people from the bucharest creative scene: nadire omer aka lady magpie, grigore mitrea from woodrepublic, ana maria grigoriu and stelian dobrescu from loot, nicolae anghel from eroilor mafia, carla szabo, ileana sebe aka zwei and madalina + adrian raileanu aka the misanthropic bunny.

i’m super excited to see the results of my first collaborative project! stay tuned for more!

photo credits: little aesthete