amsterdam – part 1 is the first post of a series of three meant to show you how my trip went.

random piece of trivia: you get a whiff of pot once every 5 minutes, wherever you are. no, i’m not kidding!

amsterdam - part 1 a

the weather was surprisingly great so i enjoyed myself thoroughly. i spent my days criss-crossing the city on foot and discovering some of its secrets.

amsterdam - part 1 2 amsterdam - part 1 3

this is the amsterdam city archives. wikipedia says that the amounted length of its shelves is 35 kilometers! and that it is the largest municipal archive in the world.

amsterdam - part 1 4 amsterdam - part 1 5

the beautiful vondelkerk is a former church located nearby vondelpark. it was designed by p.j.h. cuypers, the same architect who did central station and the rijksmuseum.

amsterdam - part 1 6

the following few pictures are from vondelpark.

amsterdam - part 1 7 amsterdam - part 1 8 amsterdam - part 1 9 IMG_2580

this is the central station.

IMG_2582 IMG_2583

nemo is a science center located in oosterdok.

IMG_2600 IMG_2604 IMG_2608

arcam is the amsterdam centre for architecture. the cute little structure is by architect rené van zuuk.

IMG_2615 IMG_2620 IMG_2626

i loved this poster. they use a few very dutch things to advertise an upcoming tattoo convention: clogs, dairy maid headgear and the white and blue motifs of delft ceramic.


this is a cool restaurant i came across by chance and quickly became my favourite. here is its dedicated post!

IMG_2648 IMG_2662 IMG_2664 IMG_2675 IMG_2677 IMG_2685 IMG_2688 IMG_2690 IMG_2696

museumplein on a sunny day is the place to be.

IMG_2729 IMG_2730 IMG_2755 IMG_2758 IMG_2773 IMG_2775 IMG_2887 IMG_3396

i took these pictures on my way back from a concert. i was tired after a day and a night out but the empty streets made it all better.

xa xbxc

i didn’t have detailed expectations going in. i had the surprise of discovering a wonderful city with multiple layers and secret corners. i found myself smiling for no reason, walking and bonding with the friendly local cats. i went to concerts, had dinners out and tried to not take the same street twice. it was a quiet immersive escape and i feel grateful for it.

photo credits: little aesthete