amsterdam – part 2 is more pictures from my recent trip.

random piece of trivia: the bikes outnumber the inhabitants by 880,000 to 805,000. also, 12,000 bicycles are taken out of the canals every year. no, i’m not kidding!

the picture below is oudekerk (old church) seen from a distance. the location is red light district adjacent.

amsterdam - part 2

a few pictures from the wonderful and quiet jordaan neighborhood. i liked walking the orderly grid and taking pictures of everything. i doubt i met any tourist for a few hours.

amsterdam - part 2 1 amsterdam - part 2 2 amsterdam - part 2 3 amsterdam - part 2 4

i really liked this family of coots. how cute are those chicks? is there a special name for coot chicks? I searched and they are called cootlings.

amsterdam - part 2 5 amsterdam - part 2 6 amsterdam - part 2 7 amsterdam - part 2 8amsterdam - part 2 9

i rarely miss the cos or the & other stories stores if i can. both brands have strong visions and directional collections that rarely disappoint.


this is the back garden of the huis marseille – the museum for phototography.

IMG_3229 IMG_3247 IMG_3253 IMG_3254 IMG_3263 IMG_3264 IMG_3270 IMG_3274

this is in plantage, next to the artis zoo. the flamingo pond is open for everyone to see. a wonderful corner!

IMG_3276IMG_3277IMG_3278 IMG_3280 IMG_3322 IMG_3323 IMG_3331 IMG_3369 IMG_3380 IMG_3383

there are many flea markets in amsterdam. browse to find treasures!

IMG_3394 IMG_3397 IMG_3408

i love these special ceramic tulip vases. i am no expert but they seem very dutch!


this is the atrium of conservatorium, probably the most interesting hotel in town.

IMG_3436 IMG_3445 IMG_3464 IMG_3467 IMG_3468

behind the rijksmuseum, there are tulips and an alexander calder installation.


stay tuned for the last amsterdam post!

photo credits: little aesthete