april 2015 finds is the list of new entries into my life. enjoy!

april 2015 finds

it’s been a weird month namely i worked a lot before i had to leave. as you may already know, i’m in amsterdam for about two weeks. so, apart from working, i spent my free time researching the city and the potential day trips. watch out for the string of related posts!

but, until then, here’s my finds.

1. necromancy cosmetica. i found this puerto rican brand on instagram and i fell for their witchy look. they love to repost alternative beauties wearing their sick products. their selection is part of this new trend of outlandish unnatural colours for lips. i love the names: marty’s blood, necromatia, naked witch… my personal favourite is segunda plaga, a matte green inspired by the frog rain in egypt.

looking dead was never hotter! check it!

april 2015 finds 1 april 2015 finds 2

2. tokyo adrift is a film you have to be in love w/ tokyo to like because it barely makes any sense otherwise. the loose story is just a pretext for keeping you in front of a screen to watch the background. the main character is tokyo, with its narrow streets and huge train stations, neon lights, ramen places and unmistakable atmosphere. the camera avoids the main attractions, the top 10 must sees in favour of hidden streets and secret parks. it’s a nostalgic walk around an endless place i will never get to know as much as i’d like to.

3. i managed to sneak in some reading and i finished changing my mind: occasional essays, a collection of essays by zadie smith. i’m not a big fan. reading the book was like talking a lot of non-sense about random things with a cultured person. i’m pretty sure there are many better things you could be doing with your time. you could try any of her fiction, for instance!

april 2015 finds 3

4. i fell in love the minimal angle of this archdaily series of japanese locations. it’s called classic japan and it includes 3 episodes.  watching them, i realized they (and many other videos) were all filmed and edited by the same person: vincent hecht, a 26-year old french architect and filmmaker currently based in tokyo. perfect!

can’t wait to get back to naoshima to see this perforated beauty by sou fujimoto!

and while browsing through his work i found a video i have already used in the past. surprise!

5. among the many cool potential things i could have visited in the netherlands is this huge wire man squatting next to the sea.  it’s called exposure by antony gormley and is 25 meters high and it weighs 60 tons. if i find myself with an extra sunny day on my hands, maybe i’ll hop on the train to see it!

april 2015 finds a

6. i found an interesting article called the new porn, in the march issue of vogue uk. it’s about how women watch porn. find it and read it!

7. cornel lazia is an old friend of mine and he had a photo exhibition in bucharest. it was called aflora and i was lucky enough to get a private tour. it was mesmerizing!

april 2015 finds 5april 2015 finds 6

8. even if i’m away on vacation i haven’t given up on my duolingo routine. i will soon reach 100 straight days!

9. regele verii. discover a very good romanian track – chill and the perfect ear worm for the summer! if you liked the voice, check out his main project: soare cu dinti and spnzrtr.

now that i posted i can resume my vacation. watch out for updates on instagram!

photo and video credits: copyright holders