april 2016 finds comes late because i was away in london and paris. also, the list is shorter because i was kinda busy. april 2016 finds

1. a while ago, i came across a gif on pinterest. i saved it, regretful that i didn’t know its author. but the internet often has the ways of a revolving door, so i found the artist: marie spenale.

april 2016 finds 1

2. i discovered lily gatins by chance on instagram. she is a real fashion beast. if you have ever wondered who wears all those unwearable pieces, well, it’s her. with a museum quality wardrobe featuring comme des garcons, ann demeulemeester and countless young designers, her apparitions are breathtaking. maybe one day i will make a dedicated post, she certainly deserves it. until then, check out her blog, le report!

3. saint laurent is a long – 150 minutes! – attempt to portray the real person behind the legend. i admit i was less interested in the story and more in louis garrel who plays the lover. gaspar ulliel is ok in the main role, but the overall feeling is of beautiful images but diluted story line. watch at your own peril!

4. i recommend jordanmanley‘s vimeo channel. this is the video that made me want to watch all the rest. his subject of choice is powder snow, wherever he can find it. nevertheless, enjoy!

5. i watched david bailey: four beats to the bar and no cheating, a documentary dedicated to this 60s icon and i’m sorry to report a poor final product. the film is not well edited, the authors probably hoped that bailey’s legend will be enough to make their effort worth checking out. imdb gives it a decent 7.1 score so you decide…

april 2016 finds 2

6. i’ve watched the first season of vinyl, the hbo-produced series. mick jagger and martin scorsese are involved as executive producers. i kinda liked it. i enjoyed  bobby cannavale brilliantly playing a coke-driven record executive in the 70s as well as james jagger (yes, the son of mick and jerry) portrayal of a sneering wannabe rock star. it’s worth checking out!

what have you been up to?

photo and video credits: copyright holders