april 2017 finds is kinda long because i’ve spent most of the month working at my desk. check out what i’ve come across lately!

april 2017 finds

1.we babysat one night and, after the kids fell asleep watching cartoons, we started watching chef’s table. and during this last month we managed to watch the entire seasons 2 and 3.

some of the episodes consisted of well-made, multilayered and cosmopolitan stories. breathtaking photography too! but other episodes were so bad… so i checked and i understood that my favourite episodes were directed by clay jeter and david gelb. check out the entire series and find your favourites!

ps: my definite number one was the punk rock brasileiro chef.

2. i came across this trentemoller track by accident and i couldn’t get over it!

3. on christmas, i got as a gift dr. jart’s book of masks. i really liked them, especially the hydrogel ones. so when i was faced with a pack of 30 pairs of hydrogel eye patches i didn’t hesitate. yeah, the list of ingredients says they contain some snake venom dupe and real gold but… but forget about the hype and just think about your sensitive under eye skin being in contact with a nice watery mask for half an hour or so. i’ve been using them for a month and i really like them. i keep them in the fridge so putting them on is extra nice!

4. i saw caini by bogdan mirica during the romanian film days in valencia. i liked the minimalist way of conveying the story and the unbelievable skill of vlad ivanov, whose villain was effortlessly skin crawling.

i have recently worked for the second season of umbre, an original romanian hbo series directed by bogdan and igor cobileanski. it was a great experience and i can’t wait to see the finished product later this year.

5. orizont by marian crisan was also part of the film selection shown in spain. a few years ago, i interviewed marian for his last film, rocker. last year, he had a new feature film and a new original hbo series called valea muta. the story line of orizont is inspired by a romanian classic, moara cu noroc. i liked the fact that they managed to use the regional language and accent. i also loved oleg mutu’s photography.

6. i somehow ran into some rather recent garbage tracks and i love these two. the electrifying magnetized and the heartbreaking even if our love is doomed. shirley is over 50, she refuses plastic surgery even if she lives in la and she’s the kind of talented, fun and inclusive role models we need more of!

7. another track i’ve been looping recently is girls talk by garbage featuring brody dalle.

if i ignored brody for years since her distillers stuff didn’t impress me, her breathtaking growl in this song is out of this world! i researched her a bit and i liked what i found: an imperfect woman with strength, talent and 3 kids. check out the video and watch her smile and jump for joy at the end after demolishing that mike. you gotta love her!

ps: yes, the video does not match the audio. it’s probably because brody’s vocals would have totally drowned shirley’s in the second part.

8. i-d has been doing a great job on the video content front for years. watch wizard tim walker being interviewed by adwoa.

9. i’m trying to improve my spanish but it’s kinda hard since i spend all my life indoors working. so i started buying tapas, a spanish magazine about food.

10. in one of the rare occasions i went out, i did so to go to the festival del viento. definitely not sorry!

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11. my bf discovered this belgian photographer, anton kusters, and we’ve been following him for a while. but it’s only now that i found these two videos about his experience photographing yakuza. it’s more about life and trust and less about actual photography.

12. i have been loosely following the spanish hipster for a few years. but the other day he posted pics from noma mexico pop up restaurant and my jaw dropped. it’s only then that i started browsing his flickr. you must check it – it’s a foodie dream!

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