april 2022 finds is here. i’m late and the list is short because i was away again.


1. mr loverman by bernardine evaristo was first published in 2013. it was easy to read and i can see it in film form. one question: why would an anglo-nigerian female writer write the story of a caribbean older gay couple? other than that, i recommend it.

2. breasts and eggs by mieko kawakami is the story of an osaka-born woman who lives in tokyo and wants to conceive without sex. i liked it. i’ll look for her other works. i’d like to meet her and congratulate her. read here an interview with her in the guardian.


3. as usual, i read the current british vogue issue. my favourite article was about modern families that do not look like the dictionary definition.

4. i also went through the 541 issue of interview. it was interesting to read from a different angle. but it was not my favourite thing.


5. harry styles is back with this summer’s earworm. the video was “made with love by a creative team from Ukraine”. check out some bts action below.

6. then came the endless videos on instagram from harry’s 2 coachella nights. he seems to be unable to do any wrong.

7. i liked born yesterday by arca featuring sia.

8. zane lowe interviews musicians for apple music. i liked his talk with jack white.

9. here, he talks to rosalia about her latest release. motomami.

10. eliot sumner used to sing under the stage name coco. pete doherty introduces her here. unreleated: i’m looking forward for pete’s memoir to be published on june the 16th.


11. by mistake almost, i saw the first twilight film. i liked the nature background they chose, very nice. the rest was a regular american high-school storyline.


12. apparently, most journalists nowadays come from upper class backgrounds. hm.


13. i can rarely take my eyes off grimes.

14. i liked this video about the routine of a ballerina.

how was your april? i was in bucharest for three weeks. you can see what i was up to on my insta.

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders