april 2023 finds is here. the list is late because i was in vienna for a couple of weeks and went ham on otto wagner. below is fritz wotruba’s brutalist church. for my daily activities, check my insta.


1. adrian schiop published a batch of old poems under the title nu e dragoste. i found them interesting as reference point in connection to the rest of his work.

2. i went through the wonderful illustrations and photos of lalique. it’s a book published by museu calouste gulbenkian and it gives generous details about their amazing collection of lalique jewelry.


3. the may issue of british vogue put disabilities on the cover. they included the visible and the invisible, the adjacent, etc. an interesting issue.

4. i read the current issue of konfekt. i like their approach.

5. i went through the 2 most recent issues of spanish gourmet magazine tapas. on one hand, to keep up with my spanish. and on the other, for their interesting and unusual editorial choices.

6. one day, in a library, rain gave me time to go through the last 5 issues of vogue portugal. i stopped buying it when they started charging 10 euro per issue. but i do follow them. the highlight was the cover story of the 20th anniversary issue. georgina grenville shot by super talented branislav simoncik in fundacao gulbenkian. wonderful! i’m looking to buy the issue 2nd hand, if i can find it.


7. i read volumes 17 and 18 of akira in the portuguese version.

8. i also read fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury in portuguese this month. i realized i might’ve read it already.


9. it’s hard to escape the hype surrounding this power couple. rosalia and rauw alejandro have recently put out 3 new songs. i only like vampiros. see below the official video shot in barcelona and the coachella live version.

10. an old favourite came back to haunt me, la ritournelle by sebastien tellier. i post the studio sessions, too.

11. i heard his hit, very few friends, on insta and liked it. discover saint levant!

12. this is the new video for putaria by rubel.

13. i watched pearl jam’s unplugged and went crazy for state of love and trust. again.

14. ryuichi sakamoto made a playlist to be played at his funeral.


15. i saw the tiger lillies in vienna. i loved it! i love them!

16. and i saw jay jay johanson in porto. it was an intimate and generous concert. lovely!


17. irma vep was an 8-episode series with alicia vikander as the main character and executive producer. shot in paris, the storyline is a a few parallel stories braided into one. there are pointless details and maybe even unnecessary characters there, but i liked regina/devon ross and renee vidal/jean pierre leaud. and i loved gottfriend played by the magnetic lars eidinger.


18. druk with mads mikkelsen was watchable. he’s great, i knew that. i enjoyed the danish background, too. but the story was weak.


19. do you want to see how people live in gaudi’s pedrera? click here.


20. i love kukeri. they are an ancient bulgarian pagan tradition. i’m looking into going to bulgaria in january to see them live.

21. yuta makamoto from nct 127 seems to be suddenly everywhere.

22. this guy used denim to make beautiful darumas. please click to watch on youtube.

23. this is an interesting video.

24. watching a japanese scissor craftsman at work is mesmerizing.

25. skating is brutal, like any other competitive sport.

26. designer paola navone has made a cool place for herself.

27. here are the some good videos posted on white soft underbelly.

28. the details of this video are interesting.

29. how can one not love rossy de la palma?


this month’s podcasts are all in romanian.

30. maria popistasu is a romanian actress.

31. andreea vasile is a romanian actress, too.

32. selly is a romanian prodigy youtuber turned film producer.

how was your april?

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete