my neighbours, make a point, had a big opening last night!

the morning after by suzana dan

people had been talking about bucharest being the new berlin but last night was the first time i felt  the poor but cool vibe: a reconverted industrial space as venue, sponsor beer on tap+numberless kinds of fruit tarts and a relaxed, mixed up crowd. i parked my bike at the entrance and very soon it had company: a little motorless scooter.

the show is privim pantelimonul, a group exhibition – george anghelescu, dana bălăneanu, alma cazacunicolae comănescukuki constantinescusuzana danadriana horgasebastian moldovandan perjovschilea rasovszkystefan ungureanusimona vilău and dan voinea.

the streetcar scene by dan voinea

perjo contributed with a couple of expectedly ephemeral sentences written in chalk, along the wall. the hand writing was perfect fourth-grader calligraphy, with all the lines and curves in place and the message is this: i once saw a field of sun flowers. all the flowers were facing in the wrong direction. d.p.

comanescu was one of the artists present at the opening. we had a short talk about his already famous technique: he paints using a mix of acrylic and a series of unexpected additions such as dust, cigarette ash, mustard, etc. this may not be the first time i declare my admiration for his work, but i have to say: he’s nailing the whole romanian urban atmosphere!


moara lui assan

the show will end on november the 31st and you can visit anytime between tuesday and sunday, from 5 to 8 pm. drop by if you are in the neighbourhood!