august 2015 finds comes right in time, for once. but it was a slow summer holiday month: only 5 finds instead of the usual 10.

august 2015 finds

5. i spent a rare weekend out of the city. sinaia on saturday and brasov on sunday. i had an amazing time: absolutely everything turned out perfectly!

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4. iceage are a post punk danish band. they were brought to my attention by my amsterdam-based friend. she introduced them because she was expecting to see them soon and had read about them being extremely difficult. that day of the concert has come and passed and her review is good. i’m sorry i couldn’t be there…

august 2015 finds 1

so, if you have room in your life for another crush, here’s your problem solved. the cute moody vocal seems to be pansexual, in case you were wondering. but that’s how kids are rolling nowadays, right? anyhow, i’m already following them on fb.

august 2015 finds 2

i insert below my favourites tracks. yes, they like nick cave a lot.

3. welcome to rio is a 3 episode series by bbc 2 peace, war and ingenuity. it shows how the favelas undergo major changes in the eve of the world cup. if you manage to ignore the lady narrator who claims to be the mouthpiece of the favela residents and her rather weird angle, the images are beautiful and the insight interesting. if you liked cidade de deus and wanted to visit a favela, this is for you!

august 2015 finds 3

2. i bought michel houellebecq’s submission in january but i just read it this month. the novel is a mix of real life and make believe: it depicts france in the near future, under a newly elected islamic power. the author enjoys playing with fire and fear. i picked it up primarily to perk up my french but i must say i am not sorry!

august finds 2015 10
1. i discovered karim sadli last year, he shot the i-d cover story featuring daria, come as you are.

august 2015 finds 4august 2015 finds 5nextek

but i have only recently started looking into his work. he creates clean images and he does great portraits. check out his work and keep an eye on him.

august 2015 finds 7

august 2015 finds 8

so these are my news. what are yours?

photo credits: little aesthete, copyright owners