august 2016 finds comes kinda late and i apologize for that. scroll down to see what came my way this month!

august 2016 finds

1. i have liked led zeppelin ever since i was a teenager. but recently i’ve been checking out a bit more of robert plant‘s solo work. my favourites are 29 palms and i believe, both from fate of nations, plant’s sixth studio album.

2. youtube recomended low to me. they sound a lot like the cure, right? i could live in hope is their 1994 album which includes my favourite, lullaby.

3. i’ve gone through the whole italian module on duolingo once again before i left for italy. this time i was able to do a lot every day, since it was a bit easier. still, i am definitely unable to speak, but so much better at understanding. i still have a long way to go!

3. i discovered swedish mustard jenny on youtube and watched almost all of her stuff on a sunday. it’s a struggle for me to get over her pretentious pouting, but the videos overall look nice especially since they are made using limited resources (the cover pic is also from their blog). i especially liked how she and her partner in life and crime david lived for two years without paying a dime – if i understood that right.

below, you have her tips for editing the perfect instagram pic.

4. book of life is a sort of a self help website. their youtube channel is called school of life and it features many interesting videos. highly recommended!

5. i discovered andreea chirica a few years ago when i bought her book, the year of the pioneer. the book is heart warming in its very successful attempt of illustration life as a romanian kid during the communist era.  i remembered her because i saw a short series of drawings by her at the mnac recently. here’s her website.

august 2016 finds 1

6. happy cow is a website that will help you find the vegetarian restaurants and stores in several cities around the world.

7. i discovered sebastiao salgado two years ago, in barcelona. the caixa forum had on his show called genesis. recently, a terrible hail made me take shelter in an arezzo book store where i took my time and went through his omonymous book. a book that will make you consider quitting your job in order to see more of this planet!

august 2016 finds 2

8. likewise, in san quirico d’orcia , i went through a wonderful book of pictures taken from air balloons. flying high toscana by antonio attini is a selection of all the pictures you wish you took of beautiful tuscany!

august 2016 finds 3

9. for a while now, i have been following a facebook page called korean indie, i think. the only band i discovered there and really started listening to are the koxx.  i love them live (check out this channel for lots of live videos).

and this sedate track has been my favourite song to loop lately!

photo and video credits: copyright holders