august 2017 finds is a long list since i was kinda unbothered so i had peace to work and whatever.

august 2017 finds

1. ricard camarena is the best valencian chef and for good reason. he has 4 establishments in the city with 4 price ranges. we went to 3 of his places and we love them so i can only imagine what you get if you dine at the newly relocated michelin-starred restaurant ricard camarena.

but until then, i can tell you about habitual. valencia re-purposed a former market called mercado de colon into a gastronomic complex. you can find the discreet habitual in the basement. nice and unpretentious decor, fast and unintrusive service, beautiful surprising food at an affordable price point. we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and we’ll definitely be back!

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2. since i’ve been busy planning my upcoming trip, i came across a couple of wonderful airbnbs that are definitely out of my price range.

the first is in seoul: a hanok, a traditional korean style dwelling.

august 2017 finds 3

the second is a weird split-level former office in ginza, tokyo.

the third is a huge central house in downtown tokyo that sleeps 6.

3. if you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping in one of those angular tokyoite houses featured in dezeen or archdaily? well, kyodo house may be your chance. the price is affordable but watch out for the sizable security deposit. i would have loved to stay here but we went for a more central location. maybe some other time!

4. i have been feeling more immersed in valencian life. i have my favourite spots, favourite people, favourite routines. and i found a book that helps me get even deeper. it’s called the new guide to valencia. it’s what the creatives of the city find interesting. i made a short list!

5. we had an errand to run in neighboring castellon de la plana so we made a day trip out of it. we were lucky to be there on a less than infernal august day so walking around was not punishing. the place was empty because of the summer. i loved it!

my camera broke so the only pics i took were with my phone. so there’ll be no separate post this time.

6. caixa forum is coming to valencia too. they started with a photo exhibition by sebastiao salgado. it’s the same one i saw in caixa forum in barcelona almost 2 years ago. it’s called genesis and it’s breath taking. check it out if you are in town. it’s in front of the hemispheric in the ciudad de ciencias and it’s free.

august 2017 finds 1

7. not necessarily a find, since i’ve known it for years but it’s new nonetheless and it’s called mugler cologne. i’ve got something green and fresh, perfect for this perma-summer i live in.

august 2017 finds 2

8. for some reason i saw woody allen’s last 3 films.

first, moonlight. well, i can’t tell which one is best or worst. my conclusion is that the story line usually becomes secondary to the atmosphere which is always relaxed and care-free. i think that’s why i still watch his stuff: to relax thinking of mostly nothing.

then, irrational man. joaquin phoenix is trying to solve an old dostoievskian dilemma: are some people worthy killing?

and last, cafe society, a classic case of the one who got away. but i like how allen decided to end the story. subtle and nice.

also, have you noticed how woody allen has so many of the main characters actually play himself?

9. i’ve re-read the first volume of the 50 shades of grey trilogy. i bought it in a castellon used book shop thinking it was going to be an easy read because 1. the writing style is very simple and 2. because i have already read the book a few years back when it first came out. and i did read it without great difficulty but, man, was i annoyed by it!

it’s a simpleton’s fantasy: everything is superlative! but the fact that it’s been bought by 125 million people in 3 years and read by probably so many more fascinates me. i also did get the spanish practice i wanted. by now, i kinda know i’ll go buy the other 2 books next time i’m in castellon. i think they also had the spin off written by the author’s husband. i know, i never learn…

10. i also read the 4th spanish edition(!!!) of shanghai baby by wei hui. its second cover  tells me that before it was banned as being decadent, the book sold in 80,000 copies. afterwards, two and a half million pirate copies were in circulation. in spite of the hype, the book sucks. maybe it’s ok as a beach or flight read. and then you just forget it there…

i see there’s a film too. the book was published in 1999 originally and the film premiered in 2007. i will definitely not see it just to be able to say if it’s better or worse than the book. anyway, it stars bai ling (who played the role of a 20-year old even if she was herself 40 in real life) and luke goss (who used to be part of a famous duo back called bros in the 80s). d-list all the way…

11. i discovered a cutie pie called andy biersack: an all-american kid with a baritone voice and 2.2 million of followers on instagram. he’s the vocal in emo band black veil brides.

he also has his own album out (with a cleaner image and a poppier sound) under the moniker of andy black.

he will most probably become better known this october. that’s when american satan premieres and he’s in it, alongside malcolm mcdowell and sebastian bach. watch below a video meant as a teaser.

disclaimer: the voice is not his (contractual complications), it belongs to pal musician and palaye royal frontman remington leith.

12. last but not least, how do you like santa? he’s a white hot 21-year old gender bending madrileno working as an animator as far as i can tell. i like.

these being said, soon i’ll start my new trip. it’s my first real vacation this year so i’ll be away for a while. you can check my insta for updates!

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