august 2018 finds comes on the last day of summer.

1. i love henri salvador. more in the summer, it seems.

2. get over the girl’s discordant perkiness and discover a good romanian song. implant pentru refuz is a nu-metal band from timisoara, romania.

this sounds remotely like the unplugged version of freak on a leash with amy lee. but it’s its own song, powerful and haunting. extra cookie points for the delicious theremin bit at the end!

3. speaking about romanian rock bands i didn’t care for, here’s vita de vie. i do like this mellow song.

4. one of my favourite romanian rock bands of the 2000s is firma. these are their 2 best tracks. both videos are interesting and directed by the same girl director: andreea paduraru.

5. i read les chiennes savantes by virginie despentes. not her best book, but it’s not bad at all.

6. i also read two comics by guy delisle, pyongyang and shenzen. i was born and raised in a communist country, so i liked the books a little bit extra.

7. i picked up two books about mylene farmer at the library. both were published in 2003 and both are meh. if you want to discover mylene and her work, listen to it and watch it. it’s very good.

8. i liked this video called seoul wave.

9. i went to see the incredibles 2 in a cinema. so much fun!

10. last month i went to a ceramics fair in a neighboring town. later, i went to pick up this cute fugu from the studio of the artist. takashi matsuo is japanese and has been living in valencia for nearly 20 years.

11. i wrote about this amazeballs happening back when it happened. and now i know why there weren’t so many pics or videos with it. they were filming a video for under the sun.

since i liked azuma makoto’s work anyway, my current screensaver is today’s cover photo.

12. we went to vienna for a couple of days. i like it when you finally get to that point where you know a place enough. so you can just hang out. the city is amazing, i’m looking forward to going back for more.

13. we saw the vivian maier exhibition at the westlicht foto museum on its last day. she was a nanny whose hobby was taking pictures in the streets. her unbelievable work was only discovered after her death. read her story, it’s very interesting.

14. we went to the 23rd district to see this brutalist church. i loved it!

15. we happened to be in town at the same time as our friend raul aka saddo. this is the mural he has just finished.

16. we stayed at the circus-themed 25h hotel. absolutely no complaints!

17. louisiana museum near copenhagen has a very good youtube channel. check it out for interviews with many interesting artists.

18. i had never heard of shane. he’s a youtuber with 16 million followers. he did a 5-part series about jeffery star. and i loved it.

19. we went to reus. i was impressed. they have a modernist architecture route and a local vermouth called miro. i’ll go back.

20. and then tarragona. it’s a beautiful town on the coast of catalunya.

is summer really over in your country? here, i think it’ll just hang on for a while.

photo credits: little aesthete & copyright holders

video credits: copyright holders