august 2019 finds comes a little late.

1.this was it. i’ve said goodbye to both bucharest and valencia and i am now full time in porto since the end of the july.

2. i discovered early cedofeita in petite passport’s feed. we went and we were pleasantly surprised. nice decor, interesting food and current issues of magazines i want to read. we’ll be back!

3. i’ve started brushing on my beginner portuguese. i read and write lists of words. after a month here, i feel like i will be able to speak and be understood in the near future.

4. i featured style like u before. check the 3 videos below, they’re amazing.

5. i took advantage of the summer sales and bought nars lip clash: a set of 4 liquid lipsticks. i had to get accustomed to the way they work. their best feature: they have staying power.

6. check out this zen recipe with no soundtrack. i love it!

7. i watched mind hunter 2. meh. the best thing: the profiling. the worst: the music and the lack of chemistry between the actors.

8. we went to aveiro one day and then spent some time around aveiro lagoon one week later. very promising.

9. we took a day trip to braga. i liked it and i’ll go back.

10. i’ve been interested in calatrava‘s work before i moved to valencia (he’s a local). but in time i found out about the many problems his buildings have post-delivery. click here to read. and here for a last minute gross negligence.

11. click here to read pitchfork’s list of the best 33 industrial albums of all time. i’ll try to listen to them all.

12. vista alegre is a portuguese company who does wonderful porcelain and crystal.

13. we went to the museu de marionetas. we found out about a future puppet festival in town. we can’t wait!

14. i’d been listening to this already, but the marias have just put out the official video.

15. an interesting profile of brazilian pop star anita. check out vai anita, a documentary about about her rise.

16. a heartbreaking article about the complicated case of a network of pedophiles in belgium. only the families care about the abducted, raped and killed girls, the state and the legal system turns a blind eye to the endless abuse. disappointing and heart wrenching.

17. kim gordon has a new solo album. it’s called no home record and will be launched on october the 11th. this is the first single.

18. apparently, there is life after fashion. i’m joking, of course there is. click here to read what ann demeulemeester has been up to since she sold her company.

ps: her antwerp house by le corbusier mentioned in the article

19. otherhood is about 3 empty nesters. a film about 3 60 something moms trying to remember who they are. patricia arquette is 51, felicity huffman 56 and angela bassett 61. they look great and they don’t pretend to be 35. a fun film for a long forgotten age bracket. probably because the director is a woman and the 3 main actresses were also executive producers.

20. a few collections ago, margiela showed a coat with a tulle face on it. it was amazing and probably the only think i’ve liked since galliano is designing. but now i know it wasn’t his work. he was just employing benjamin shine.

21. i watched dear white people 3. it was ok. i’ll watch the 4th season, too.

22. i read an interview with iggy pop. how can you not like him?

23. i went to a japanese bistro in porto, hoping i’d love it. instead of a lunch set, i got a soup. and after they said sorry not sorry on instagram, they blocked me. “wonderful” service, don’t go!

24. i bought a big cast iron le creuset pot. we needed one and decided to buy one that will last us a lifetime. it’s blue and i’m happy with it.

25. we discovered a bio market in the centro comercial bombarda. we bought mushrooms and raspberries and ate with a bunch of hipsters at sabores e acores. the area is full of interesting places. for more, check out my insta.

26. an interesting point of view. if you don’t own 2 thirds of your day, you’re a slave. are you?

autumn has just started. here, the weather is just as balmy as it was in august.

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders