august 2020 finds is here right on time.


1. i bought vers la beaute by david foenkinos in berlin, on a whim. it was an easy enough read, with a big twist. i enjoyed it.

2. never let me go by kazuo ishiguro. 280 pages of he said, she said. there is a twist, but it’s too little, too late.

3. i enjoy the playful side of languages so i’ve been having fun reading the argotic dictionary of the romanian language by volceanov & volceanov. george volceanov the father used to be my professor in university.

4. mis recuerdos y tu by julia rincon ortiz, the 2nd edition. i went to the valencia book fair two years in a row. if the first time i refused her, the second i ended up convinced to buy the book of the very nice lady who even signed it for me. it’s an easy to read, ultra superlative story about the love between two primary cousins from asturias. pff…


5. british vogue every single month. it’s been my favourite ever since i started reading magazines, back in the early 90s. this month, the theme was black activism.

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Introducing #BritishVogue’s September 2020 issue, featuring a special fold-out cover starring 20 inspirational activists dedicated to making a change. First up: model and activist @AdwoaAboah, who has used her visibility to change perceptions around mental health, most notably through her platform @GurlsTalk, and international footballer and child poverty campaigner @MarcusRashford, who recently used his platform to lobby the government to fund free school meals for vulnerable children. From those tackling systemic racism to disability discrimination and domestic abuse, gender inequality to the climate crisis, in the new issue, @AfuaHirsch meets the activists determined to make a difference the world over. Swipe to see the full cover and read the full story at the link in bio. #VogueHope Featuring: @MarcusRashford @AdwoaAboah Second cover, from top left: @Meenals_World @TamikaDMallory @RizAhmed @JanetMock Professor Angela Davis Jane Elliott Alice Wong @Disability_Visibility @IJesseWilliams @JoanSmalls Third cover, from top left: @ReniEddoLodge Yvette Williams @OfficialJ4G @IAmPatrickHutchinson @OsopePatrisse @ClaraAmfo @BerniceAKing @JanayaTheFuture @FDwyer1980 Brittany Packnett Cunningham @MsPackyetti #MarcusRashford wearing @R13, @AColdWall & @Churchs and #AdwoaAboah wearing @Fenty, @Martine_Rose, @LockHatters, @Osoi_Official & @SLJLondon, photographed by @MisanHarriman and styled by @ItsDWallace, with hair by @EarlSimms2 and make-up by @CeliaBurtonMakeUp. With additional cover photography by @PhilipDanielDucasse, @KingTexas, @ChriseanRose, @EddieH__ and @KidNoble.

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6. system 15 has over 500 pages and 35 covers shot by juergen teller. the supplement is a little 100+ magazine dedicated to the 34 maisons d’artisans which belong to paraffection, a channel subsidiary. very interesting stuff about pleating, millinery, embroidery and more skills i have never heard about before.


7. i’ve discovered the bts rap line: rm, j-hope and suga. i love this edit.

8. have i already shared any these? anyhow, i like tricky‘s non-pretentious style. his first album, maxinquaye, is a definite top 10 of all times for me.

9. also, i’ve listened to sevdaliza‘s new album called shabrang, released a few days ago. so far, my fav is darkest hour.


10. i watched selling the sunset 3. big weddings, million-dollar houses, glitz and catty gossip, you know the drill.


11. i love kimono mom‘s videos and i think baby sutan is the best sous chef ever!

12. june‘s frugal experiments make me wanna cook!

13. she speaks chinese, but you do have all the details you need for this lot of fruity summery drinks.

14. and here’s another set of fruity drinks.

15. this looks like an easy cake i will never make.

16. and here’s an easy, photogenic jello cake.

17. in january, i found a phone on a crossing in ginza. we handed it in at the first koban. they took my details in case the owner wanted to thank me. i told them i was flying away that night.

18. living in tokyo as young people

19. greg rode his bike for 120+ kilometers around tokyo.


20. click here, here and here to discover french paper artist charlotte chab. i liked her work but i also liked the website where i found the articles. browse for more interesting artists.

21. interesting article on resilience.

22. i’ve been freelancing most of my adult life. so this is funny.

23. read about john cage and his mushroom obsession.


24. i went to bombarda a rua. rua miguel bombarda is a street located in the bairro das artes in porto. every once in a while, the art galleries have simultaneous openings. but this was the pandemic version.

25. a very interesting exhibition at the galeria municipal de porto. it was apesar de nao estar estou muito by diogo jesus. i liked his style.

26. igreja de nossa senhora da boavista is a brutalist church that was on my list. now, we finally saw it.

27. an opening at gallery senhora presidenta in bomfim. they sell an indie portuguese tapestry brand called gur.

28. back to the market twice. very enjoyable.

29. we dined at our neighbours, boeira hotel. we loved it and we’ll go back.

30. we took a nice day trip to viseu.

31. we also walked a lot around the city. in places we haven’t seen before.

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I liked . . . #arquitecturaportuense #porto #nofilter

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32. we had fish for lunch in espinho and then walked for a couple of hours along the ocean front.

how was your august?

photo and video credits: little aesthete, copyright holders