august 2021 finds is here. i apologize for being a little late!


1. i wasn’t able to finish any of the books i’m reading. so i decided to put this guy here. better than food is his book review youtube channel.

2. i enjoyed this masterclass by bernardine evaristo. a few days after i’ve finished her 4th book, i came across this. you’ll like it, especially if you’re a writer.


3. vogue uk is consistently good. i’ll try to get only the digital subscription next year though.


4. the camera doesn’t hate christian yu aka dpr ian. his few tracks are all earworms to me. he used to be in a k-pop group called c-clown, an experience he calls traumatic. now he’s an indie artist in charge of all the creative aspects of his career.

5. i liked this song by joana queiroz quarteto.

6. i came across camaron de la isla a couple of years ago. but i am just starting to look into his work. i know i’ll post more about him, he was spectacular.

7. deep end by foushee was an instagram find.

8. i might’ve shared this idles concert before. but it’s that good.


9. this is a top of almodovar’s films. i’m looking forward to seeing parallel mothers, his latest film.

10. interesting things always happen to ai wei wei.


11. the way of the househusband is the story of a former yakuza chief. he finds ways of dealing with his ptsd while making the best of his new life. it’s entertaining once you get the hang of the rather weird pacing.


12. check out this cool lesbian couple who have a butcher box business!

13. it’s why polo players have those bodies, right?

14. a tokyo landmark is to be demolished and repurposed soon.

15. watch woven obi magic.

16. i like this channel.

17. i enjoyed watching jin akanishi.

18. this is how they make camembert cheese.

19. watch this through and pick up on the wisdom.

20. i’d be interested in growing my own mushrooms.

21. this is how to make your own hot sauce.

22. this channel is a series of mesmerizing hi-res walks in japan.

23. i find the man o’war interesting.

24. you’ll like this very informative interview with an ex-yakuza member.

25. this is a cute video about breakfast in japan.

26. i bet you don’t know what 996 stands for.

27. this criminologist knows about serial killers.

28. this is an insightful video about trent and atticus producing halsey’s latest album.

29. i have been following quinlan for a couple of years. he lives in northern japan and posts about it.

august 2021 finds

how was your august?

i have been swimming every day and traveling a bit. most recently, i toured iceland. find my visual diary on insta.

photo and video credits: little aesthete, copyright holders