august 2022 finds is here!

august 2022 finds hampstead heath


1. i zipped through crying in the h mart by michelle zauner. when i first tried to buy the book in london, i was asked if i wanted to put my name on the waiting list. luckily, i found it in an indie book store. i agree, the hype is well-deserved. read it!

2. i re-read the piano teacher by elfriede jelinek. it’s a heart wrenching story. it was hard to read because of how triggered i got. frau jelinek received a well-deserved nobel prize for literature for her work.

3. i also re-read o gourmet solitario by jiro taniguchi. i loved it, again.

4. i read the correspondence between william burroughs and allen ginsberg called the yage letters. if you like their style, you will like reading about their ayahuasca adventures in latin america.


5. the current issue of british vogue has linda evangelista on the cover. i remember being blown away by the fact that she didn’t seem to have any pores in the campaigns richard avedon shot for versace in the 90s.

6. i had a snack at dover street market in london and leafed through i-d issue no. 368. i liked mica’s pictures.


7. maneskin have an on the road series and i enjoyed watching it. vic and the boys have a special dynamic.

8. it was interesting to listen to dpr ian talking about his creativity and being bi-polar.

9. i don’t remember how i came across this song.

10. i looked more into zillakami.

11. of course i enjoyed listening to iggy and jim jarmusch talking.

12. watching this documentary on sid vicious was eye-opening.

13. ultra by depeche mode is one of my favourite albums. i had no idea it was this hard to make.


14. selling the oc is about catty real estate agents.

15. partner track is about the hardcore world of a ny law firm. but make it glamorous.

16. queer eye: brazil was interesting to watch.


17. only the best is a 10-episode series about the amazing life of calouste gulbenkian.

18. i listened to several episodes of alan carr’s life is a beach. my favourites were robbie williams, david williams and tom jones. and simon le bon. oh, and definitely jonathan ross. i found myself laughing out loud while listening.


19. roadrunner is about anthony burdain. not my favourite person, not my favourite film.

20. i watched alain and romy, lovers evermore on arte. it made me want to watch their films.

21. kelsey makes sex-related content for (korean) girls. ignore the click bait title and watch the interesting discussion about how both men and women should count during sex.

22. if you still want to hear david popovici speak after this summer. i do.

23. people hire him to hang out.

24. french mustard made the traditional way

25. this is the routine of a professional synchronized swimmer.

27. how can one not hate nepotism?

how was your august?

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