august 2023 finds is finally here.


1. portugal the monocle handbook is a good source of info. it has nice pictures and it covers the smaller, more remote areas of the country, too.


2. i read sunny by taiyo matsumoto in portuguese. the drawings are wonderful. i’m now waiting for the second volume to be published.


3. the summer issue of konfekt has several articles on portuguese places.

4. monocle no. 165 has an interesting article about the pagoda building in valencia. and the top quality of living cities.

5. monocle no. 164 has a very interesting about the up and coming puig fashion firm.

6. the august issue of vogue uk has two interesting articles: harry styles with david hockney and zadie smith interviewed by zing tsjeng. if you don’t know zing, check her out. she used to do a series of videos about colonialization and its effects on vice and is currently co-hosting the good bad billionaire podcast on bbc sounds.


7. v’s album, layover, is here and it’s good. check out the five videos, all shot in spain.

8. i like this new song by dpr ian.

9. i’ve had a little editors blast from the past.

10. as expected after last month’s fonoteca trip, i fell into a bossa nova hole. follow me: classic bossa nova, presenting stan getz and bossa nova time.

11. and then, i went back to the fonoteca and listened to 2 more albums. the first was brasil by supergroup joao gilberto, caetano veloso, gilberto gil and maria bethania.

12. and the second was called toquinho & vinicius and i cannot find the album to link online.

13. the national launched a second new album this year. they’re coming to porto, but i’ll be out of town.

14. i saw doja the cat do a live mash-up of 3 of her new hits at the mtv music awards. and i couldn’t get over this one.


15. vgly is a mexican series revolving around a young guy who’s trying to leave poverty behind with the help of his friends and family. it started great, but i couldn’t finish it, it lost its drive. the second season was confirmed.

16. i’m neck deep in the bear and i love it!


17. mark’s interviews show you the hidden world. this must be hell: an empathic woman who is a sexual assault nurse. she’s the best person for the job, but also the worst. and then, the rape victim who found strength to get through only to find her life greatly affected in more ways than one. you watch and you cry.

18. you should discover seoul with anna. she’s presenting the city neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

19. this is an interesting home.

20. watching the video below i realized i’ve known stefan ruiz since his colours days. it’s an old video of him shooting cholombianos kids in mexico.

how was your august?

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete