a few days ago, we were on our way to tokyo via nagoya when a friend called and said that she was flying back from tokyo to romania, at least for a while, as it was no longer safe. we checked the internets and decided to try and change our finnair tickets. 2 minutes later, the operator had already very kindly changed our departure city and time of flight from tokyo to nagoya and from march 23rd to march 18th. and she also let us know that we will not be charged extra for the change given the current situation in japan. thank you very much, finnair!

so we spent our last couple of days in nagoya in a nice hotel, mostly chilling out.

i’m already home now.  i’m grateful to have been part of this. even if we were way out of harm’s way such an experience teaches you a lot: how to keep calm in crisis situations, how people are kind and try to help the less fortunate: the tokyo group on couch surfing was full of messages offering help and a futon for whoever needed it. in the streets of all the cities we visited after the quake, there were groups of kids holding cardboard boxes where the passers by were putting small amounts that were meant for the victims. also, i am thankful for our friends from all over the world who sent messages trying to find out if we were fine and who kept us posted at all times.

i hope that japan and the japanese people have seen the worst of it, that no other mega earthquake or other catastrophe happens. if you are in the position to make things easier for them, do it! thank you!