bae jung nam is this guy whose picture i found by chance while researching the top 10 seoul post earlier this week.

bae jung nam

i posted that one picture on facebook and then i just had to find out more about him. i couldn’t find so much information but i think this eye candy makes for a great friday post.

bae jung 1 bae jung nam 2

it turns out that he’s a south korean model turned actor. he did films but also tv soap operas, currently a huge thing in his native country. and underneath those interesting outfits he looks like this.

bae jung nam 7

bae jung 3

his birthdate is 19.03.1983. 

bae jung nam 4

and, since he is a model, i could also find his very specific body measurements. he’s 1,77m high. and his weight is 64 kg.

bae jung nam 6

whether you like him or not, you cannot deny the fact that the guy’s got style!

apparently, he used to be a stylist before he started modeling. i think he is very good. yeah, and that perfect body does not hurt matters either. still, an interesting dresser is not something you find all that often.

bae jung nam 9bae jung nam 5

click here for a complete outfit. simple, comfortable and pretty perfect.

bae jung 12

he was featured at least twice on the sartorialist. click here and here.

bae jung nam 11

he also has good taste in personal fragrance. he likes wonderwood by comme des garcons.

bae jung nam 8bae jung 10

don’t you just like my find?

that being said, enjoy the view! and your weekend!

photo credits: google search