barcelona – day 1 is me finally getting to start telling you about my recent trip. so far, i have only been reliving it in a loop in my head while - day 1 y

after spending a few days in valencia, i took off to barcelona. we woke up early on a rainy november day and went to the north train station. to my surprise, the train went along the coast all the way to our destination. unfortunately, the gloomy weather did not allow for any good pics. i intend to do this again sometime, on a sunny day. we arrived in the barceloneta-adjacent estacio de francia and we walked to our hotel.

barcelona - day 1 2 barcelona - day 1 3barcelona - day 1 4

barcelona - 1 4

what the hell do you mean, city hall? i don’t understand this sign. but i know is that the municipality thought it’d be great if they cleaned destroyed city’s street art. pretty dumb…

barcelona - 1 5 barcelona - 1 6 barcelona - 1 7barcelona - 1 8

we stayed in raval so i passed by fernando botero‘s cat every day. not complaining!

barcelona - 9

a few streets down, in hipster raval, i found what became my headquarters: caravelle. cosmopolitan clients, waiters wearing septums and serving cardamon-spiked cocktails. we loved it!

barcelona -10

right across the street, a cool shop selling new designers called nuovum (see the cover photo) and the cute shop below. barcelona -11

the pictures below are from the same area.

barcelona -12 barcelona -13 barcelona -14

the meowing sheep is from cccb.

barcelona -15

this is the library of the communication school.

barcelona -16

this is la virreina, on las ramblas. they had an interesting ai wei wei retrospective.

barcelona -17

we did some shopping because it started pouring outside. here, the urban outfitters in plaza de catalunya. the cool art is by italian artist agostino iacurci.

barcelona -18

stay tuned for the rest of my bcn posts!

photo credits: little aesthete