beaker store is a chain of concept stores i found in seoul. i saw two of their many locations and they were both smart, modern retail spaces.

beaker store seoul gangdam 1
after visiting the leeum samsung museum of art, we found ourselves in the super cool neighbourhood of itaewon. it’s a hip area full of interesting new shops, cafes and multi-purpose spaces.

beaker seoul itaewon 2beaker seoul itaewon 1beaker seoul itaewon 3beaker seoul itaewon 4beaker seoul itaewon 5

the shop has a vast selection one can easily get lost into. among their highlight brands, you will find rag and bone, helmut lang, maison kitsune, opening ceremony, band of outsiders, etc. as well as local designers.

beaker seoul itaewon 6beaker seoul itaewon 7beaker seoul itaewon 9beaker seoul itaewon 10 beaker seoul itaewon 12

i was absorbed by the atmosphere. i loved what they had on show but i also couldn’t help myself when it came to testing unheard of perfumes and cosmetics. the decor and the displays were so cool and inviting that we spent quite a while exploring the store.

beaker seoul itaewon 13beaker seoul itaewon 14beaker seoul itaewon 15beaker seoul itaewon 16beaker seoul itaewon 17beaker seoul itaewon 18beaker seoul itaewon 19beaker store seoul itaewon 20beaker store seoul itaewon 21beaker store seoul itaewon 22beaker store seoul itaewon 23beaker store seoul itaewon 24beaker store seoul itaewon 25beaker store seoul itaewon 26

we made a pit stop at the tiny in-house expresso bars, la colombe. they had delicious cake but also their own library and photo booth! i’m so sorry i can’t go back every once in a while…

beaker store seoul itaewon 8beaker store seoul itaewon 11

we found the second beaker store in gangnam, later that day. the decor was similar but not identical. i remember the space but especially their purely decorative flight of stairs that ended in the ceiling. haha!

beaker store seoul gangdambeaker store seoul gangdam 2beaker store seoul gangdam 5

and, since it was asia, the store was hosting a pet pop up store. yeah, all your pet’s hip fashion needs are catered for. really cute and a bit of a culture shock!

beaker store seoul gangdam 6beaker store seoul gangdam 4beaker store seoul gangdam 3

the beaker tag line is: upcycling culture laboratory: beyond fashion with culture and lifestyle. they used recovered objects to decorate the stores.

the team in charge of the whole concept knows what they’re doing. once you step inside, you are fascinated by one thing after another: shoes, magazines, jewelry, sneakers… they have lots of stuff you never knew you needed, but that you really, really want. the range of products is so wide that customers can solve a lot of thing by making just one stop. you feel welcome, you want to hang out some more, you want to see the clothes, drink the pink lemonade and read the magazines. win!

keep up with beaker on their website or facebook page.

photo credits: little aesthete