while i work, a little unused part of my mind goes wandering in the places i’ve seen. it’s just visiting, like a slideshow or like some sort of half dream.

i don’t know how comes i get so attached to my destinations, but i do. it’s my berlin, my osaka, my vienna.

recently, it just occurred to me that i wanted to go to antwerp. it seemed fitting for that moment and mood. an then, on some other day, a trip down to barcelona beach would have totally made the heat bearable. and i’d always go to tokyo for a long walk to clear my head.

and there’s so many reasons why i’d want this easy access to the four corners of the earth: friends, art, food.

pinchuk art center has a huge ongoing anish kapoor show. i wanna see that aomori art museum i missed. and the ghibli museum. and so on.

caviar pancakes and kvas in a kiev park. wonderful seafood in costa da caparica, somewhere in lisbon. fish sandwhich in istanbul. pink artesanal lemonade in paris. or genghis khan grill at the end of the world, in otaru. or la mient mit huhn at ramien, on gumpendorferstrasse.

i can’t wait till those scientists will make it possible for me to city hop at will cuz distance is a bitch…

photo credits: lilaesthete, google search