beauty products haul is proof that i’m very much a girl when it comes to beauty products. i see myself as a no non-sense kind of person. but cute, colourful and effective beauty products seem to make me lose it a little bit!

beauty products haul

i’ve recently visited my first pupa milano store. i bought their vamp mascara in electric blue and a pound of their draining shower gel. the mascara is truly electric blue during application but it dries to a much subtler and darker shade. the blue is visible only in strong light. i am a little disappointed since i was looking for a more in-your-face neon shade.

beauty products haul 1

i chose the shower gel for its smell. it’s harsh, in a nice, masculine way. the other 3 options were sweet, floral and too heavy for my taste. they recommend using it while alternating blasts of hot and cold water for an increased effect. i used it and i like both the smell and the tingling feeling!

beauty products haul 2

a month or so ago i got a tigi set containing the bed head shampoo, conditioner and the hard to get paste. they look awesomely fun on the side of my tub, i’ll admit. but my hair looks completely regular. i will not be splurging again on them any time soon. so, the marketing and packaging is great but the products are forgettable.

beauty products haul 6

two inexpensive balea oils i picked up in dm: this one for dry skin and this one for the body. i intend to use the latter on my body, since it’s scented and the former on my face and body. while in the store, i also picked up a great nail buffer for under 2 euros. unfortunately, i cannot find a link for it. i love dm, it’s cheap and great!

beauty products haul 5

i got biotherm aquasource deep serum in the duty free on my way from amsterdam. it’s not bad but it’s not good. i use it layered under another cream because it’s kinda drying by itself.

beauty products haul 4

i also got a new scent: a 75ml bottle of dior homme cologne. i like it, it’s simple and happy. i’m honestly surprised that this is a man’s fragrance. i see myself wearing it a lot this summer!

beauty products haul 7

i love the black and white ad, featuring rob pattison as the face and whole lotta love by led zeppelin as the soundtrack. cool.

last, my star purchase: clarins’ blue orchid oil! i bought it exclusively based on my online research since my sephora didn’t have any tester for this product when i went in. they have 3 oils, lotus, bamboo and blue orchid. the bottle is only 30 ml but i expect it to last for a while since i’m using only 2 or 3 drops every time. i have dry skin and i’m super happy with how my face is reacting to this product. if you have dry skin, you must try this!

love at first use: i wish i had found it sooner!

beauty products haul 3

i got the last two items at sephora and i cannot skip praising them for doing their job so well. they earned a client!

this was my haul. do you have any favourite products to recommend?

beauty products haul 8

photo credits: little aesthete