beca’s kitchen is this new bistro in bucharest. it bleeped on my online radar when my people started checking in at this mysterious beca’s kitchen. they promote fresh organic eating, without preservatives and such. they serve meat and fish, but also vegetarian and vegan options.

a week ago, i was noticing with friends how calea mosilor is the new up and coming neighbourhood ever since the opening of new hipster trap modern and…you guessed it, beca’s kitchen.

the other day, i was in the area so we decided to go for early dinner. the place is rather small (it probably sits 20 to 30), clean and welcoming. the menu is quickly updated on a black board. we ordered mussels in white wine/garlic/parsley sauce and leg of duck over caramelized cabbage. the service was super fast. i was pleased with the bright orange flesh of my mussels and with their savory sauce. the caramelized cabbage was a bit heavy, probably from all the duck fat that had melted into it. so we fixed it with some bread. it was slivers of dark home made bread with seeds.

beca herself came around to make sure we were ok. we discussed one of the new additions on the blackboard: chicken yakitori. she was so nice that she didn’t make us choose the desert. she brought over two halves of tart slices: the first one chocolate banana hazelnuts with fresh mint and the second apples pears flooded with vanilla sauce. they would have been perfect if the base was a little softer.

the place was almost full, the music was not loud and the prices were super friendly (about 30 euros dinner for two, with wine and everything). so i decided. we’ll be going back. see you there!

keep in touch with beca’s kitchen via the blog or the fb page.

photo credits: beca’s kitchen (food), oana radu via (interiors)