i traveled around belgium for a week but spent about half of it in ghent.

i will start with a short random series of pieces i found around antwerp, bruxelles, bruges, kortrijk, lille (yes, in france) and oostende.

la cycliste by alain sechas. obviously commissioned, but great nonetheless. you must know that i am biased, as monsieur sechas is always on my list!

i had no idea that ghent was such a big street art destination. i recently wrote about roa and i was saying that he was born and based in ghent and i was hoping for a few of his trademark black and white murals.

i didn’t research the locations beforehand, i just kept an open eye and it paid off: the city is full of roa art. but he’s not the only one: i also found plenty of restobue the warriorchasemazu prozakdzia and many others.

i liked the many collaborative pieces, the street art jams. i heard the graffiti jeugddienst youth organization has yearly graffiti jams.

there is a street – werregarenstraat – the only place in ghent where street art is legal.

this one is a chase/resto/bue the warrior jam. it says: sommige harten kloppen op’t straat – some hearts beat on the street.

unfortunately, i didn’t take pictures of everything i saw: i happened to see some pieces from a speeding car or it was too dark to take a decent picture. i even found an incomplete roa piece: only a stylized circulatory system was drawn and, if i were to consider his other similar works, the rest of the animal will soon be superimposed.

i did spent the last evening following a new friend around in order to get to see more stuff. we went out all the way to the dok and walked around in the muddy fields and deserted warehouses in search of cool pieces. and we scored big!

see how this roa is drawn on different surfaces, at various distances, in such way that the eye is tricked into believing it’s a single whole piece.

there used to be a head too, but that part of the wall was removed.

resto+roa=we are the robots

during the research phase, i came across unurth, street art belgium and fatcap. check them out for a wealth of info!

and, during our wanderings, my friend and i were debating whether there is such a thing as street art tourism. i think there is and i’d say there should be an app or something indicating the dopest pieces! just like this!

photo credits: lilaesthete