i love fashion but i hate fashion dictatorship. i love vogue but i hate it when they declare what’s in and out. that’s limiting one’s choices and liberties. if you read women’s magazines (and, more recently, men’s as well) you’ll find out you “need” maaaany things, starting with a wide range of cosmetics and an endless supply of clothes and shoes and going as far as cars, apartments and vacations. i’m sure you guys are not bowing down to the must-have lists and that your choices are yours and not “theirs”. i understand that fashion is business but i also know that my style is my own business and nobody else’s!

and the poor and sexy german capital is on the same page as i am. all berliners are unconsciously in the same contest: who dresses best under 20 euros. and there’s no winner, ever. and i love it. berlin is the only place where you’ll see sweatpants everywhere, barely any heels or nail polish, and this is real freedom, no social constraints whatsoever. also, one needs to be really comfortable to pedal all day/night long!

i could only find a guy or two who invested a lot in their outfits. i’m sure you’ll recognize them easily!

with that in mind, let’s see what berlin youth wore at the berlin festival. i told you already that i try to keep interaction at a minimum so my pix are shot without any formal permission. with that in mind, please forgive my sub-standard street style framing and enjoy the festival outfits.

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credits: lilaesthete