bome is the pseudonym of the most famous japanese sculptor whose day job is making figurines for kaiyodo, a mass manufacturer of figurines and garage kits. and his work also happens to be his hobby: he loves it so much that, after working hours are over, he stays on and does some more. his employer appreciates his work to such extent that they launched a specific line, the monsieur bome collection (discontinued in 2010).

bome is widely appreciated mainly for his utopic female figurines with typical manga features: cute little faces with big eyes and small mouth, tall and slim bodies with gravity defying breasts. he takes his inspiration from female characters in manga, anime and video games and brings their 2d beauty to 3d life. and it seems he manages to do that exceptionally well!

oni musume, bome’s favourite

when i was in kiev a while ago, i was wondering about some takashi murakami’s sculptures i was watching, hiropon and my lonesome cowboy: did the artist make them with the help of a toy manufacturer? now, i’m more specific: was bome the father of the two pieces?  i know that the two collaborated in the past: in 1998, murakami organized an exhibition of bome’s work as part of ero pop tokyo, an event held in los angeles, and later, he held another show, at the fondation cartier, in paris.

my ultimate source on all things otaku, patrick, says that: it is said that bome and murakami collaborated, but as far as i know, bome created miss ko2 from the ground up and made the original model, which was then blown up to 1/1 size by someone else. he also created the original model for hiropon, though he seems to have been less involved. i doubt he did my lonesome cowboy, because it is a male figure, and he always focuses on bishojo characters.

life-like, well-priced and with crazy accurate details, bome’s girls are sought after by fans. in 2008, his contribution to the otaku world was celebrated with a show at shibuya parco.

kasumi black

i’d like a bome figurine!

credits: google search