borough market is always on my london list. this it is not a mere market but a hub. you go there to eat, check out the people and the stuff on sale, take pictures or, you know, just hang out.

borough market

it is the perfect foodie destination. or the perfect place to have brunch on saturday.

if you want to visit, check out their website and remember that it is only open wednesday to saturday.

it’s an endless source of fresh produce, seafood, gelato, home made pasta and flowers. for snacks or full meals, you can choose between japanese gyoza, scotch eggs, pulled pork, various baked goods, fish and chips and so much more. mushrooms, rhubarb, italian salumi, kangaroo hamburgers… anything and everything, really. carefully selected and locally sourced.

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i would love to be able to visit more often and chill there with friends. i would love to be able to taste neal’s yard dairy entire selection of amazing cheese just like they were books in a library.

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put it on your list and work up an appetite by walking there. it’s very close to tate modern, shakespeare’s globe and to london bridge. they have plenty of cheap and really delicious snacks so it’s definitely worth the trip.

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thousands of pictures are waiting to be taken. 

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the market is an open air museum of all the ingredients you have ever heard about. and i’m convinced you will also discover quite a few you have never heard about.

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my father loved a good market, being both a foodie and a forager avant la lettre. when i find good markets, i often think that he would have liked them, too!

ps: for a more hipster location, try broadway markte!

photo credits: little aesthete