i believe in frugality and i believe in common sense. i don’t see accumulating things as a good sign. that’s why i was always partial to borrowing books: it allows me to read freely and it keeps purchase regret to a minimum (i only buy what i really love).

so, get a library card! even if it’s your free municipal library on the corner, you will find plenty of interesting stuff for a while. also, exchange books with your friends. i know, people forget to return books (i hate that…), but perhaps we can try to do it with a better person next time.

reading helps you get perspective by seeing life through many other pairs of eyes, and that’s a very good exercise. you learn about yourself but also about others. you learn about the world and life in general and your vocabulary broadens effortlessly.

i am a chaotic reader: i take whatever catches my eye – it can be fiction but also books about OCD, karl lagerfeld’s diet, death and dying, paper crafts or japanese short stories.

set a reading schedule for next year! you can do it. i’m sure

credits: lilaesthete