on july 22nd, i was in rome and i saw florence & the machine’s last concert from the european leg of the tour.

the concert started on time, with no opening act. the auditorium stage is open air, the audience was elegant, varied and relaxed. the entire experience was pleasant: no bag checking, people could bring in their glass of white wine from the nearby bar, etc. moreover, i understood there was a special bus, m (from music) that one could take from in front of the building all the way to termini station. civilized.

back to florence – the concert was simple and wonderful, she’s diaphanous and feminine, but with a strong voice. she came onstage barefoot, with a white tulle  dress open in front underneath which she had a pair of gold leather shorts.

and then, she ruled!

the playlist included the entire Lungs album but also a few new songs. as the people with expensive tickets (generally older people) were seated in front and the ones with cheap tickets (the youth) were upstairs, it was forbidden to stand, the gushing was limited to applauding, and that only sitting down. i stood up at one point (drumming song?) but the lady behind me reprimanded me so i had to sit back down. also, we weren’t allowed to take pictures or film her. of course the rule was broken, so that i can illustrate this post!

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photo credits: lilaesthete