brancusi art in targu jiu is not the actual reason i went there. but i’m so glad i did!

brancusi art targu jiu 20

i had this 3-day business trip in targu jiu. lots of work and early waking up times. but, during my last day, i had a few hours to walk around and find the sculptures the town is best known for.

first, i went to the beautiful central park. it houses 4 works of the most important romanian sculptor of all times. the park is situated along the jiu river and it’s full of old trees and art.

the first piece i laid my eyes on was the gate of the kiss. as you can see, it contains the motif of the kiss: two halves of the same whole.

brancusi art targu jiu 1 brancusi art targu jiu 2 brancusi art targu jiu 3

i walked on the chair alley to get to the table of silence.

brancusi art targu jiu 4 brancusi art targu jiu 6 brancusi art targu jiu 7brancusi art targu jiu brancusi art targu jiu 9

i actually found a museum of art in one of its far corners. the building was supposed to be one of the many homes of our former dictator. but it was completed in 1989, a bit too late for him to enjoy it. anyhow, the museum deserves a visit for its limited but interesting collection but especially for the intriguing architecture.

brancusi art in targu jiu 12brancusi art in targu jiu 13 brancusi art in targu jiu 14 brancusi art in targu jiu 15 brancusi art in targu jiu 16brancusi art in targu jiu 17

as i was in a hurry, i had to run to see the endless column. then, i ran back to the hotel and next to the train station. but it was well worth it!

brancusi art in targu jiu 18brancusi art in targu jiu 19

brancusi is considered to be the patriarch of modern sculpture. some of his pieces were sold for many, many millions. i will give you just a few details, it would take a lot to cover his entire career.

click here to see guggenheim’s collection of brancusi pieces.

le centre pompidou in paris has a special brancusi pavilion. he lived most of his life in paris and was part of the local circles of artists and intellectuals. while still alive, he tried to return his work to romania. but the communist party refused his art as being capitalist. so brancusi made a deal with the french state that, upon his death, his studio would be rebuilt and exhibited.

read here and here for many more details. does your country have such an emblematic artist?

photo credits: little aesthete