brasov in 45 pictures is a visual post about last week’s in and out trip. i decided on a whim to go surprise a friend on her birthday and it went very well!

brasov in 45 pictures

my friends moved to another apartment since my last visit so i had to walk around for longer than needed. but no harm, no foul: brasov is cool, so the extra walking was totally pleasant.

brasov in 45 pictures 1

we had some late breakfast and then went for a hike on the nearby tampa mountain. we walked around it and then came back through the city.

brasov in 45 pictures 2brasov in 45 pictures 3brasov in 45 pictures 4brasov in 45 pictures 5brasov in 45 pictures 7brasov in 45 pictures 6brasov in 45 pictures 8

we stopped at simone bistro for some late lunch.

brasov in 45 pictures 9brasov in 45 pictures 10

we liked it so much we came back for the birthday dinner.

brasov in 45 pictures 11

if the first day was sunny, the second was cloudy and cooler. but just as pleasant.


one of the few street art pieces: a mouse raising his tiny axe against the cat. hihi!


we knew that oktoberfest was happening in the city. but i personally thought it was more a night time beercentric thing. well, i was (kinda) wrong! it was open during the day time and there was plenty to get excited about apart from beer. and by that i mean fair ground foods: candid apples, pork on a spit, sausage and various cuts of meat on the grill, etc. also, pickles and foods cooked in humongous large pots. it may be a myth, but we believe that food tastes better if it’s cooked in a large pot.


here’s a large plate of red onion. it’s wonderful with bean stew and/or smoked meats. and then you have a plate of bread slices spread with lard, topped with red onion rings and sprinkled with salt.


this is what we got: grape juice in the plastic cups, delicious bean stew in the bowl, lots of flavoursome pickles, sausage, meat balls and a bulz! the 3 of us shared this so we went through it quite fast. we added some smoked pork and a different kind of sausage. wow! greasy but it’s a once a year indulgence so…


the bulz was the piece de resistance. it’s a ball of polenta stuffed with cheese and then thrown on the grill. the cheese inside was quite bland but it didn’t matter this time since we paired it with salty enough foods. usually, the bulz is stuffed with a highly flavoursome cheese such as goat, sheep or burduf. after this unexpected rustic lunch, we walked it off by wandering around a neighbourhood i had never visited before.


i loved these two houses. the architecture was different from that of the rest of the buildings.


how cute is this person? she looks like a painting. aw!


the ground floor windows of the houses are at eye level and there’s a competition going on. people use everything to decorate them: figurines, plastic flowers, real flowers, pictures, anything really.


this is piata unirii.

IMG_6647IMG_6649 IMG_6653 IMG_6654

this is from a book shop that kept the original decoration of the space. if you want to visit it, it’s right in the piata sfatului.


afterwards, it was time for me to leave to the train station


i had borrowed a book and i started reading it in the train. the mountains were engulfed in dense fog. it made me wish i could stay longer!


photo credits: little aesthete