broadway market is the funky hipster version of borough market. i was there on a sunday and i had a great time in the sun.


before we arrived, we visited the tiny nearby netil market. it had vintage furniture and clothes, the work of local designers and bric a brac.

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i wish i could come to get my ingredients here and cook for friends. or come every weekend and hang out and make new friends.

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i loved the do-it-yourself atmosphere: cupcakes and meringues, ethnic foods and a pair of coppers learning how to make huge balloons. how cool is that?

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i came across a few very interesting book shops stocking lots of cool magazines and books. and, since it was a sunny day, the terraces were full of sun soaking locals with their cute babies and dogs.

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as a hipster stronghold, the market has a ban on plastic bags but also a rather large moustache per inhabitant rate.

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the big market was full of people perusing the stalls. there were plenty of home made baked goods, snacks made on the spot and an impressive selection of fruit and vegetables.

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how do you like the street style? i deliberately selected non-representative examples as i thought you are well aware of what hipsters wear. so i went for a very young cutie and an older gentleman.

broadway 3broadway 16

broadway 10 broadway 11 broadway 12 broadway 13broadway 14 we made the best of the great weather and walked to king’s cross along regent’s 15


broadway 17

the new development of the area is currently the center of a debate surrounding the gentrification of hackney.

the market is so up to date that they have their own website, facebook and twitter. don’t miss it if you are in town: it’s perfect for local flavour!

photo credits: little aesthete